Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Commercial Solutions

Football Window tint

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Storefront doors are made of aluminum which is easily manipulated.  Criminals use crowbars or pry tools to gain entry.  Our door brace will save your company thousands of dollars. Doors are expensive to replace, the lost of inventory, and higher insurance rates can be a huge set back. Our door brace is made of stainless steel (will not rust) and comes with tamperproof screws, a huge deterrence to thieves.

Mpact can also reinforce the glass in the doors with 11m-21m security film  or lexan. Our solutions can withstand rocks, hammers, spark plugs, baseball bats etc. You will also receive a WARNING REINFORCED GLASS stickers on each door, another form of deterrence.

Door Security Brace- $120 est. cost

Glass Reinforcement ea. door $150 est. cost