Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Window Locks

It is common knowledge that while windows are ventilation solutions and aesthetic additions to any home, they also have their own safety and security concerns. Our keyed window locks and installation services offer multiple benefits. Lower these risks with affordable and high-quality keyed window lock services from State of Urgency today.


Safety risks posed by windows

Small children are particularly vulnerable to accidents involving windows. Open windows can present a serious risk to the safety of young children. Windows should be closed and locked when not in use. If ventilation is necessary, only use windows that are inaccessible to young children.

Couches, chairs, beds and other furniture provide climbing areas for children, and lead them to a window ledge. To avoid the risk of falling out of window sills, such furniture should be kept away from all windows when you have small children in your home.

Windows and security threats

Windows add character and light to your home, but they can also be your biggest security risk. Burglars and intruders look through your windows to determine if you will be their next target, and often times use those windows as an entry point into your home. Having a house on ground level with many windows can be an unsettling feeling. Without additional protection for your windows, you are susceptible to intruders entering your home undetected.

Keyed window lock installations from State of Urgency offer optimal window security

The common problem with sash window locks is that the latch is not locked in place. Burglars can pry the window open by removing the screen and unlatching the lock from the outside. This keyed window lock prevents that in two ways. One, the latch is protected by the metal on both ends of the lock. Two, the latch is locked in place by the safety lug. That is why we recommend keyed window locks for all sash windows.

For service calls to install locks only, there is a trip charge of $45.

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